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Location: Downtown Tampa, FL •

 Happy Friday Everyone! I thought this would be the perfect outfit for a casual day at your workplace. I know some jobs offer those days to their employees, especially if they have to constantly dress up in business clothing.  This outfit is such a fun mix of business and casual. The pearl detailing gives the outfit more of a sophisticated yet trendy vibe. I think this pearl trend on the denim is so fun and jazzes up any outfit effortlessly. The mid tone denim mixed with a white button-down shirt and black contrast makes the outfit look clean-cut. I would even call this outfit sophisticated street style. I love these mules they are so comfortable to wear. It is so crazy that Target made pretty much the same exact match of the Gucci mules, I’m not sure who came out with them first. I think it’s great for people that want to create this look at more of an affordable price. I would also wear this outfit to lunch, dinner, or even brunch! It is just a great all around outfit. This is also great for transitioning into Fall from summer. If you want to shop this post, you can click on the icons above or below and it will direct you right to the link.

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2 responses to “Pearl Details”

  1. Amanda Kruse says:

    Obsessed with these jeans! I wish they weren’t so expensive though.

    Amanda ||

  2. Cara says:

    omg those jeans are SO fab!! love them!

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