Reversible Sweater

Location: Downtown Tampa, FL •

I love this sweater, it’s a perfect season transition piece to have in your closet. As we all know and feel, it is still blazing hot outside, so it’s perfect paired with shorts or a skirt at this time of the year. When the Fall season approaches, it will be so cute paired with any kind of jean! The versatility of this sweater is what makes it even better, you can wear the criss-cross side in the front for a V neck look, or wear that side in the back with a low back/high neck look. As I was passing all the cute little displays that Anthropologie has, I found this bright silk scarf and I thought it would be the perfect pop of color to really make this outfit more put together and trendy. I bought a small in this sweater but ended up ordering an extra small. I prefer a tighter fit. I love Anthropologie, even though most of the store is completely not my style, I still always manage to buy something. I really think it’s the creative displays they constantly change out and dress each store in.



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4 responses to “Reversible Sweater”

  1. Amanda Kruse says:

    This is such a cool reversible sweater! I love the shorts you paired with it!

    Amanda ||

  2. Tami says:

    The sweater is a must-have. I wouldn’t have even known you were wearing it ‘backward’ either way.

  3. Rachel says:

    This sweater is so cute! nd those SANDALS!!!

    xo rachel –

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